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released July 20, 2017

All music written by Omen
Artwork by @SLCCRCC
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Mychal Soto



all rights reserved


OMEN Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


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Track Name: Dolorosa
Spineless bastard, a hateful being.
I give myself to emptiness for everlasting seeking.
Disgust and malevolence, filled with screams and agony.
Helpless, I'm trapped here, bringing my conscious where it needs to be.

Searching for hope that isn't there.
A vacant spirit of mind left me wrapped in despair.
Hate fills this place, surrounded by my demons.
Covered in the blood of something I believed in.

I pierce my tortured spirit to feel a sense of security.
A swollen spiral of pain slowly consuming me.
At the bottom, I feel it in my bones.
A dark abyss, my only home.


Empty soul.
Swallowed whole.
World of hate.
Left alone.
I am not who I was.
Within myself lies a fucked up line of trust.

I crave the pain that is fed to me.

This is my end.
Track Name: Gutter
Stuck inside of my fucking mind, these thoughts corrupt my fucking head.
I wake up, I wish I'm dead.
How can I feel when I'm hanging on by a thread?

I will forever rot.
Everything turns black.
Trapped inside the melting pot.

Lifeless, deceased, deathlike.
I want to fucking break.
I'm disconnected from what I love, from what I trust.
Within myself, I'm consumed by the pain.

Broken bones don't add up to a broken spirit.
Lost, I'm not myself, I become torn.
A blank eye, a dead figure.
I am nothing.

I'm tearing down in the motherfucking gutter.

Swooning, inside of my head.
I feel it pulling onto the disconnect.

In the gutter.
Track Name: Filth
I'm so stuck.
I can't breathe.
Losing all hope.
Life leaves me.

Buried by illusion,
I'm digging my own grave.
A lowlife piece of shit,
but no ones fucking slave.

And if a god made me this way,
then I've never felt the same.
So I'll spread this evil by deaths first name.

And I call out for help.
I feel it clawing into my fucking chest.
But I don't budge, I don't move.
I'm going to die here.

I lose my train of thought,
focused in on the pain.
I reach out for you.
No hand is lended.
I'm fucked.

Stuck inside of filth.
Track Name: Sink Into Me
Hatred corrupts me, I die distraught.
Its not my fault that I feel the urge to decay and rot.
In a knot, dying is the most fucking living thought.

If I wake up tomorrow, put me back to sleep.
Soaking inside of my mind, I crumble and I weep.

I pray beneath death's fucking feet.
I feel discomfort inside of me.
I vindicate in my own head.
I die inside while sickness spreads.

I lie awake for an empty spirit.
While I slowly putrefy.
Swarmed in with swine.
Agony sets in, and it becomes mine.

Broken. Rotten. Heartless. Empty. Vacant.

A beautiful lie.
A rotten soul.
I want to feel but I'm living in a hole.
I want to get out of discomfort and it seems so ideal.
But nothing in my head will ever seem real.

Sink into me.
Track Name: Nil
I feel my soul detain into the heavy hell that I am lost in.
I want to find a way out of here, slowly but surely.
God, help me now.


I die alone.
Track Name: Misery
Drowning out, let me be.
I cannot breathe, I cannot sleep.
Losing hope for everything.
I'm still stuck inside of misery.

In the back of my head, I still see myself failing.
Overreacting, constantly nauseous, and wanting to fucking break.

I want out of misery.